The Interdivisional Group on the Chemistry of Renewable Energies (ENERCHEM)  of the “Società Chimica Italiana” regret to inform you that we have decided to postpone the II Enerchem School (which was supposed to be held on 18-22 July 2022) to the dates of 13-17 February 2023. The School will take place in the same location as the CISL Study Center on the hills of Fiesole (Florence). This new unwanted move was necessary for various reasons, all related to the purpose to create a high-level event, able to allow the widest participation of Enerchem members and all those interested in the issue of energy transition. We found that carrying out the school in July would force us to make a substantial change in the panel of speakers, as many of those who had signed up for the February 2022 event did not make themselves available for July. In addition, the number of participants would have decreased due to the concomitant holding of numerous events, which were largely concentrated in the summer of 2022 due to the problems related to the pandemic. The choice of the month of February was already made for the first Enerchem school and for the two conferences of the group (held in Florence and Padua) following a survey among the members, precisely because this is a period free from most academic commitments and scientific events. So let’s go back to the period already preferred in the past.

The topics covered by the school are production/conversion, storage and distribution of energy. In addition, socio-economic topics will be discussed and tutorials and working groups will be set up on issues related to the writing of projects.

The school is mainly dedicated to young researchers, PhD students and post-docs from Universities, public and private research institutes and industries who are involved in the various aspects of the chemistry of renewable energies. Participants can contribute to the school with a poster or an oral presentation: it is possible to upload the abstract of the contribution in the appropriate form.

Enerchem School is on social network facebook.