In collaboration with the “Interdivisional Group of Dissemination of Chemistry Culture” of the Italian chemical society.
On Wednesday 15th February 2023 evening, EnerChem school will host EnerShort a social event dedicated to scientific dissemination, taking inspiration from the most known scientific engagement events like “Pint of Science” and “FameLab”. After the introduction of an invited speaker, students themselves will be the main characters of the event to train their communication skills. You will have the opportunity to present a scientific topic of your interest (e.g. your research field, but not necessarily) as if you were in front of a non-scientific audience. Perform charming, you have 3 minutes only, no graphical support, but you are free to use your own imagination. Don’t be shy, communication is becoming more and more important in research. EnerShort will be an informal situation to socialize with your colleagues and sharpen your skills by discussing with peers your communication techniques. If you are willing to participate, fill in the form below.